Commercial register number: 10345763

VAT registration number: KMKR EE100136557

Registrations of economic activity:
planning and designing: MTR nr EP10345763-0001
expertise of construction projects: MTR nr EPE000765
retail trade: MTR nr KJK033027
wholesale trade: MTR nr KHK009225
service: MTR nr KTE004144

Quality management system:
Architectural and interior architectural design, furniture design and furniture production and sale.

Qualifications, licenses:
Interior architect V qualification no. 049734 (Aili Aasoja)
National Heritage Conservation Activity Permit no. E 595/2011 (Aasoja Projekt AS)
National Heritage Conservation Activity Permit no. VS 559/2011 (Ingrid Aasoja)

Software in use:
Bentley Microstation V8i
PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) 2007
Microsoft Office 2007
Adobe Creative Suite